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Chef Ben’s earliest memories were clinging to his grandmother Zhora as she prepared meals for the family in their small home in Morocco.  She presented them with one triumph after another, dishes that Ben will never forget.

Those moments, with his family gathered around the table, loving Zhora more with every bite, began Chef Ben’s passion with the flavors of the ancient cuisine of Morocco.  He carried her recipes here to California and for years, only shared them with close friends.

One of them was a co-worker, Chris Angulo, and then-rising star, Ryan Gosling.  They had never had anything like it before.  Ryan told Ben it was “the food I want to eat for the rest of my life!”  The only problem was that there wasn’t a place in L.A. where they served food like that, not like Ben’s.  The three decided to change that and they opened Tagine in 2004.

Today, the traditions of Zhora have evolved through Chef Ben’s curiosity and creativity, bringing the spirit of her recipes to the elaborate tasting menus he serves night after night to his 10 tables.  His only desire, to make you feel as warm and satisfied as he did years before eating her food.  Ben always says, “without my friends and all my beautiful guests, this place would be nothing.”  And that’s saying something.


We welcome you to Tagine.